Friday, June 11, 2010

Rest while you can

That one liner just keeps popping into my mind. Rest while you can. Maybe it's just my sense of self-preservation, battling my conscience and telling me it's OK that I havent done a lick of paid "work" in the last two weeks. I've been waiting for one position to end and another to begin and, well, they didn't overlap as smoothly as I'd have liked. I've spent some of the last few weeks preparing for change, but mostly I've just been waiting. It's really sucked it some ways (anxiety!) but has been good in other ways. Waiting has made me question my direction a bit, which is healthy, and in turn the questioning has been driving me back to trust Jesus' plan and timing. I just blogged about this yesterday and then I wrestled with it well into the night. I even dreamt about my doubt. It's funny how many times we need to relearn and remember our lessons?
In another sense, my waiting has led me to believe that a season of change is coming, where my ability to work hard and stay focused will be tested. As a bit of a dreamer/ BS-er, it's hard for me to finish things. I don't often "ship" as Seth Godin puts it. I'd much rather think of awesome ideas, dream about their details and implications, and then move on to the next idea. (As a kid, I'd change my hobbies and interests every few months, depending on what article I'd just read in Field & Stream magazine.) That means that God is going to be stretching and growing me in big ways as I start two full-time, God given adventures in the very near future. They will both be long term investments into our future as a family, and I believe, huge ministry builders. They're coming, and they'll be tough.

For now, I'm goin to rest while I can.

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