Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I unboxed my Bible today, and with it, my calling.

I had packed it away, hoping to forget about it, or maybe discounting it's significance. If there are other Bibles I have access to, then maybe other destinies await as well?

I was wrong.

There is only one Bible that is mine, covered in notes from lessons learned, with tattered edges and tear stained pages. It contains not only The Story, but my story is written in it as well. I boxed it up when I left the church, and with it my heart and my spirit.

It was over two years ago today that I heard the voice of the Lord calling me to serve Him with everything. I missed that milestone (the 8th) because I was ignoring it. That missed date dawned on me today, and feeling the prompting of the Spirit, I rushed into the basement and dug out the boxes from my office. I looked through my books and altars, things I had saved to help me remember. When I saw my old Bible He hit me again. My faith and my God had been locked in a box, along with the book I didn't see fit to carry.

I have only one destiny, one calling and purpose. Even if I choose to box it up or ignore it, it will not change or go away. Praise God for my Bible and for my story.
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  1. YES! I'm sooo glad to see you're letting your heart out again, following your story, and especially posting to the Veritas.

    BTW, let's get you a slicker template for this blog as well!