Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Sure God

My wife and I are headed out for some R&R tomorrow morning, and it couldn't be at a better time, spiritually speaking. We're both facing a lot of things lately: school, work, family, personal issues. Not to mention helping each other deal with these same issues; life is hard right now! That's why it's such great timing for a trip somewhere far, far, away. Maybe a change of place plus a change of place will equal a change of perspective (thanks to Mark Batterson for teaching me  his awesome one liners).
One thing is for sure, we serve a God who loves us fully, is fully in control, and fully capable of handling everything that comes our way. I realized that tonight as we were preparing to leave for St. John. We were praying over some burdens we had given to Him, and I said something to God along the lines of "at least we wrote them down here". That's when I realized I was praying like God was a weakling, or worse, an uncaring Creator.
The Holy Spirit showed me how foolish it sounded and I recanted a few thoughts later, telling Him I fully trusted Him with everything we listed.
You see, at first I felt like maybe He wouldn't take care of the things I wanted Him to, perhaps because I feel I don't deserve it. Not just because I'm a such sinner do I feel undeserving, but also because I'm not that great of a Christian. I routinely swear, steal, and think nasty thoughts. I push the Spirit away, and I lose my Bible ( without realizing it's missing) for weeks or months at a time. I only pray when I'm about to eat a formal meal, when I really need to get through traffic quick, or (briefly) right after I tell someone I will pray for them, just so I actually get one in on their behalf. I'm not that great of a Christian man, so why would God answer my prayer the first time I offer it to Him?
Thankfully, Abba does not work that way. He loves all of us, and He is always there for us, for sure. He wants have a meaningful prayer relationship with all of us. That would include Him listening as we lay our burdens at his feet, even if only for the first time. He is not a selective listener, and surely not a selective lover. He is not a God of "at least", He is a God of "for sure".
So here's to finding full faith in a God who is as omnipotent as He is tender.