Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to BasiX

I'm getting back to basics. Why bother mulling over big issues when the details aren't even in place?
For me, that means returning to the foundations of my faith via studying the Ten Commandments for the next ten days. They're pretty basic, and crucial for living everyday life. If we don't have these blocks in place there's no use going ahead with the building. It's doomed to crumble without them.
I'm naming this ten day study Back to BasiX, and I'll be starting each day by reading the entire passage in Exodus 20, then moving to focus on the commandment of the day and it's indexed references in my Bible. I actually started yesterday, so today is day 2.
The thing I noticed right off the bat is how richly the commandments are worded in the real text. The short versions of them found on plaques and statues are nice, but nothing compares to the inherent beauty and truth of Scripture. Today's commandment is about a paragraph long. There's lots of detail in there. And it's concerning idolatry, go figure. God is obviously concerned about protecting His people from the ravages of idolatry.
More to come about this study, but for now I'm chewing on this paragraph of a commandment and what God wants it to achieve in me.

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